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June 8th Sportsman's Auction

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Welcome to

Moore Auctioneering

Casey Moore is a skilled auctioneer with experience in farm, heavy equipment, estate, firearm, charity and online auctions. Casey is a trained and licensed auctioneer who has been active in the industry for 10 years, a Western College of Auctioneering graduate and a member of the National Auctioneer Association.


Licensed and bonded in Oregon and Washington with the capability to be licensed in all 50 states.
Washington License #3117


What Our Customers Are Saying


Greg Gustafson



great auctions and amazing service, Casey and his wife run a great business

Steven Lee Kinney



Great Auctioneer. Anxious for any up coming auctions.

Thomas Brown



Casey is one of the most personable and professional people I have the privilege to meet and work with. I strongly recommend his services and would be surprised if he has not dominated our Southern Oregon market within a short amount of time.
Highest recommendation I can give... period.

Chad Fisk



Been to several auctions where casey has auctioneered does a great job! I enjoy everyone i attend keep up good work bud,see ya at next one!!

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