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September 30th Firearm and Equipment Auction

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Welcome to

Moore Auctioneering

Casey Moore is a skilled auctioneer with experience in farm, heavy equipment, estate, firearm, charity and online auctions. Casey is a trained and licensed auctioneer who has been active in the industry for 10 years, a Western College of Auctioneering graduate and a member of the National Auctioneer Association.


Licensed and bonded in Oregon and Washington with the capability to be licensed in all 50 states.
Washington License #3117


What Our Customers Are Saying


Thomas Brown



Casey is one of the most personable and professional people I have the privilege to meet and work with. I strongly recommend his services and would be surprised if he has not dominated our Southern Oregon market within a short amount of time.
Highest recommendation I can give... period.

Chad Fisk



Been to several auctions where casey has auctioneered does a great job! I enjoy everyone i attend keep up good work bud,see ya at next one!!

Steven Lee Kinney



Great Auctioneer. Anxious for any up coming auctions.

Greg Gustafson



great auctions and amazing service, Casey and his wife run a great business

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